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20 Canning Recipes to Preserve Fruit and Vegetables

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More fruit and vegetables than you can eat? Try some of these amazing canning recipes to preserve some of the summer produce. From preserved fruit, jams and fruit butters to syrups, pickled vegetables or vegetable spreads.



Canning used to be of major importance not until long ago. Our grandmothers would still can everything they could get hold of in summer and every family would depend on the preserved summer fruit and vegetables.

Preserving food is not as necessary nowadays as it used to be, but still is an important way of not letting the summer produce go to waste. And making some delicious food!

There are so many different ways of preserving fruit and vegetables, from simple jams or fruit preserves (follow the link if you would like to read about the difference between the two terms), to vegetable pickles, preserved vegetable spreads or herb condiments.

And how about using even parts of the fruit or vegetables you would normally discard? You could try this amazing candied watermelon peel recipe or make some rhubarb peel syrup. Or pickle the green tomatoes that will not manage to ripen before autumn comes.


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Sharing is caring!


Thursday 22nd of August 2019

Lots and lots of fabulous ideas!! Not sure where to begin, but I can say the black currant liquor really caught my interest. I love a little sip on a liquor at night.