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Pumpkin Turkey Curry with Coconut Milk and Turmeric

by Adina 10/11/2016 13 comments

Pumpkin Turkey Curry
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An easy to make, healthy curry recipe with Hokkaido pumpkin or butternut squash, turkey and a creamy and spicy coconut milk sauce.

Pumpkin Turkey Curry


This is one of my favorite pumpkin recipes! I’ve made this for the first time and even posted this recipe a couple of years ago and we all like it so much that I kept making it ever since. I cannot even start to describe to you how tender those turkey bits are or how soft and sweet those pumpkin cubes. All surrounded by a creamy coconut sauce made with more grated pumpkin that makes everything complete and utterly delicious.

Pumpkin Turkey Curry

That is the reason why I chose to post this recipe again. I feel it didn’t receive the attention it actually deserves two years ago when my blog was sooooo new, and this is a recipe that every pumpkin lover should have in their repertoire, I think.

Another reason to publish it again are the photographs. Well, I really am not an expert in photography, I am still just an amateur, but I feel I have come a long way in this area since starting taking pictures of food in 2014. So, lately, every time I’ve cooked a recipe that I have posted before, I tried my best to take new photos to replace the old ones. I don’t want to hide my beginnings, but I think it would be nicer for the readers to find as many yummy looking photographs here, so when it’s possible, why not replace the old, dark and blurry pictures?

Pumpkin Turkey CurryPumpkin Turkey Curry

Dark pictures! I don’t know about you, but for me that is the biggest struggle when taking pictures of my food. When the light is right, I get the right pictures without even needing too much props or anything, everything looks great in the right light. But…. I live in Germany, in an area where there are more rainy and cloudy days than sunny ones, so getting the right light is not always easy. And winter is coming! Or is it already there? I suppose it is, it has been snowing the past couple of days. The snow won’t stay put for long, but it keeps coming…

And because I was speaking about “before and after” photographs, here are two old post featuring new photographs: Pumpkin Chicken Curry Lasagna and the Amazing Autumn Salad, two recipes I make all the time during the autumn season, two recipes I really really had to renew, they are really worth it!

Pumpkin Chicken Curry LasagnaPumpkin Chicken Curry Lasagna

Pumpkin Chicken Curry Lasagna

, Pumpkin Turkey Curry with Coconut Milk and Turmericautumn salad with fruit and feta

Amazing Autumn Salad

Pumpkin Turkey Curry


Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

Serves: 4

, Pumpkin Turkey Curry with Coconut Milk and Turmeric
  • 1 Hokkaido pumpkin, not too big
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 700 g/ 24.7 turkey breast
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 dried chili
  • 1 piece of ginger, about the size of a walnut
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 2 red bell peppers
  • 250 ml/ 1 cup chicken stock
  • 1 can coconut milk (400 g/ ca 1 ¾ cups)
  • 1 bunch of scallions
  • coriander
  • salt and pepper
  1. Cut the pumpkin into cubes. Put about 200 g/7 oz of them in your food processor and process them finely. Cut the turkey breast into cubes. Both pumpkin and turkey cubes should be of similar size. Mince the garlic cloves, the chili and the ginger, cut the red bell peppers into small cubes and chop the scallions.
  2. Heat the oil in a big pan. Fry the turkey breast cubes in several batches. Don't crowd the pan too much, otherwise the meat will cook instead of being fried.
  3. Put all the meat back in the pan, add salt, garlic, ginger, chili and turmeric and let cook for about 2 minutes until fragrant. Add the bell peppers, ground pumpkin, chicken stock and coconut milk, bring to a boil and let cook for about 15 minutes or until the pumpkin cubes and the meat are tender.
  4. Add the chopped scallions and let cook for another 2 minutes. Adjust the taste with salt and pepper and scatter the coriander over the dish.
  5. Serve hot with rice

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[email protected]'s Recipes 10/11/2016 - 14:45

So warming and delicious…Santa should grant your wish :-))

Monica 10/11/2016 - 20:23

I love it when you find a recipe that becomes a favorite or just something you make over and over again. This sounds totally hearty and delicious. And I hope you get a nice surprise under the tree this Christmas. I know what you mean about dark pictures!

Denise Browning 11/11/2016 - 15:56

A great way to put leftovers turkey and pumpkin to use. It looks comforting and delicious!!!

Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen 11/11/2016 - 18:48

I love curries like anything and this one is calling my name. I am sure it tastes as delicious as it looks. Perfect for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

Marvellina @ What To Cook Today 12/11/2016 - 02:01

That looks sooo hearty. I’m kinda doing the same thing, recooking the food I’ve cooked years ago (with horrible photos ha..ha..) and updated with new ones!!!

Lisa @ Chocolate Meets Strawberry 13/11/2016 - 06:39

Well done on how far you have come with your photography, Adina! Your photos look really professional and I think the lighting is always great but I can imagine how hard it would be to get the right light with all those grey days there in Germany! Hope your hubby reads your post and decides to get you a new camera for Christmas 😉 As for this curry, I’ve never tried turkey, but I imagine it’s a little similar to chicken? It’s not all that easy to buy here in Australia. I’ve seen turkey mince for sale (which is popular for weight loss/bodybuilding it seems) but I haven’t ever seen turkey breast. Anyway, anything with pumpkin in it appeals to me, so I am loving the look of this recipe! 🙂

Laura Dembowski 13/11/2016 - 21:25

Lighting is always a problem. It gets dark very early here, so I have to plan when to make recipes. Luckily we have avoided the snow so far. I have always wanted to try making curry and this looks wonderfully comforting.

Kim | Low Carb Maven 15/11/2016 - 03:17

Oh, I love the sound of this recipe. Coconut curry is one of my family’s favorite things. I bet the warm flavor of the pumpkin is just amazing in this. So glad you decided to take new photos and share again. I know what you mean by being at the mercy of light. I have one window I can shoot in front of and it’s either covered in shadow or blasted by sun – and cloudy weather will be coming soon. And, may I just say that I love your blue pot. Thanks again for sharing this recipe.

Rachel @Simple Seasonal 15/11/2016 - 20:17

I love how you rephotographed your photos for this recipe. You’ve come so far with this blog!

Lashondria Taylor 22/02/2018 - 18:28

What is the other dish on the side of the pumpkin curry, looks like potatoes with ????, Looks delicious. Would like to know more and try that also.

Adina 22/02/2018 - 22:12

Hi Lashondria. Those were potatoes with spinach and lots of spices. If I manage to remember where that recipe is, I will email it to you.

Peggy 11/11/2018 - 15:29

Hi Adina, Many thanks for a lovely recipe. Tumeric, while such a great spice and good for you, is not enough flavor for me in a curry, so I added a spoonful of my favorite English spicy curry to the pot…but I could not have come up with the wonderful mixture of vegetables and turkey without your basic recipe. Wishing you sunny autumn days….I am also in Germany where the days are very short in November.

Adina 11/11/2018 - 15:43

Hi Peggy, thank you for your feedback. 🙂 Yes, the days are short here now, but still so mild, don’t you think? I have never experienced such a mild November.


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